I had an amazing day experiencing the Rolls-Royce Wraith - one of the most stylish and powerful cars I have ever driven. Wraith - literally means 'ghost' in Irish and the name itself has a sense of drama in it. No wonder this model is described using three words only. Power. Style. Drama.

It was very interesting to find out that most of the Rolls-Royce clients are self-made entrepreneurs and that 15% of them are women. This fact made me feel proud about those brave and powerful female, and the thought of it made me dream even bigger. Yeah, like my dreams were ever small...! :)

As soon as I started the engine, I had this indescribable feeling that this car is so familiar, like I have been driving it for a long time. When I asked Frank Tiemann, the Head of Corporate Communications Europe at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited, how is this possible that the car I had never driven before, made me feel so comfortable and so familiar with it. He just smiled and said, that they have been working a lot on making their clients feel at most comfort while driving a Rolls-Royce. It doesn't have to be complicated to be called luxury. Well, that did make sense.


This mighty vehicle is not just very fast, I am not going to even spend time on bragging about how fast did I go with it, but the most fascinating part for me was that you actually do not feel the speed. Instead of two hundred and something km/h it felt like 90!


The stylish design of this specific Wraith has taken my breath away since the first moment I saw it! Not just the exterior is beyond modern, the interior has a fantastic mix of both, where history meets future. That can be seen in the panel where it's own historical background has been lit up with modern and futuristic elements.


For me the drama is in the fact what I have already mentioned before - it felt like I actually owned this car for quite a while! It all seemed so familiar and easy to use, no problems with maneuvering this magnificent vehicle between the tightly parked other cars. Like I said - I somehow new this car before.

Before I finish this amazing chapter, I would like to thank Diana Gaidasha from Inchcape BM Auto for presenting me this unforgettable experience.

As well as it was a great pleasure to meet Frank Tiemann (the God of Rolls-Royce, that's what they say). His stories have definitely added more value in my eyes to the whole Rolls-Royce image.

Frank Tiemann feeling comfortable on the back seat, while Mareks Matisons can't wait to get behind the wheel. He was a great company, by the way!

Thank you Sofija Lukjanska for your beautiful photos.

Have a luxurious week, everyone! And don't forget to dream BIG.

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